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This is "The Multimedia Signal Processing and Security Lab", short WaveLab, website. We are a research group at the Artificial Intelligence and Human Interfaces (AIHI) Department of the University of Salzburg led by Andreas Uhl. Our research is focused on Visual Data Processing and associated security questions. Most of our work is currently concentrated on Biometrics, Media Forensics and Media Security, Medical Image and Video Analysis, and application oriented fundamental research in digital humanities, individualised aquaculture and sustainable wood industry.
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Firstname: Johannes
Lastname: Schuiki
Room No: 0.25
Telephone: (+43) 662 8044 - 6310
Mail: jschuiki [at] cs [dot] sbg [dot] ac [dot] at

Johannes Schuiki


About Me:
I am a PhD student in the WaveLab group. My main research interests include vascular biometrics, especially liveness and presentation attack detection.



    Journal Articles

    1. [Schuiki22a  ] Attack Detection for Finger and Palm Vein Biometrics by Fusion of Multiple Recognition Algorithms Johannes Schuiki, Michael Linortner, Georg Wimmer, Andreas Uhl IEEE Transactions on Biometrics, Behavior, and Identity Science 4:4, pp. 544-555, 2022

    Book Chapters

    1. [Schuiki23a   ] Extensive Threat Analysis of Vein Attack Databases and Attack Detection by Fusion of Comparison Scores Johannes Schuiki, Michael Linortner, Georg Wimmer, Andreas Uhl In Sebastien Marcel, Julian Fierrez, Nicholas Evans, editors, Handbook of Biometric Anti-Spoofing: Presentation Attack Detection and Vulnerability Assessment, pp. 467-487, Singapore, Springer Nature Singapore, 2023

    Conference Papers

    1. [Nicka23a  ] Towards a distant viewing of depicted materials in medieval paintings Isabella Nicka, Andreas Uhl, Miriam Landkammer, Michael Linortner, Johannes Schuiki In Digital Humanities 2023. Collaboration as Opportunity (DH2023)Graz, Austria, Zenodo, July 10 - July 14, 2023
    2. [Schuiki23d   ] Limiting Factors in Smartphone-Based Cross-Sensor Microstructure Material Classification Johannes Schuiki, Christof Kauba, Heinz Hofbauer, Andreas Uhl In 22th International Workshop on Digital-forensics and Watermarking (IWDW'23), pp. 000-000, Jinan, China, Springer LNCS, 0000, November 25 - November 26, 2023
    3. [Schuiki23c   ] Towards Using Natural Images of Wood to Retrieve Painterly Depictions of the Wood of Christ's Cross Johannes Schuiki, Miriam Landkammer, Michael Linortner, Isabella Nicka, Andreas Uhl In Image Analysis and Processing. ICIAP 2023 Workshops (Fine Art Pattern Extraction and Recognition (FAPER'23)), pp. 359-371, Cham, Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 14366, Springer International Publishing, September 11 - September 15, 2023
    4. [Schuiki23b   ] Cross-Sensor Micro-Texture Material Classification and Smartphone Acquisition do not go well together Johannes Schuiki, Christof Kauba, Heinz Hofbauer, Andreas Uhl In Proceedings of the 11th International Workshop on Biometrics and Forensics (IWBF'23), pp. 1-6, Barcelona, Spain, April 20 - April 21, 2023
    5. [Schuiki21b     ] Vulnerability Assessment and Presentation Attack Detection Using a Set of Distinct Finger Vein Recognition Algorithms Johannes Schuiki, Georg Wimmer, Andreas Uhl In 2021 IEEE International Joint Conference on Biometrics (IJCB), pp. 1-7, Shenzhen (China), August 04 - August 07, 2021
    6. [Schuiki21a     ] Confronting a Variety of Finger Vein Recognition Algorithms With Wax Presentation Attack Artefacts Johannes Schuiki, Bernhard Prommegger, Andreas Uhl In Proceedings of the 9th IEEE International Workshop on Biometrics and Forensics (IWBF'21), pp. 1-6, Rome, Italy, May 6 - May 7, 2021
    7. [Schuiki20a    ] Improved Liveness Detection in Dorsal Hand Vein Videos using Photoplethysmography Johannes Schuiki, Andreas Uhl In Proceedings of the IEEE 19th International Conference of the Biometrics Special Interest Group (BIOSIG 2020), pp. 57-65, Darmstadt, Germany, September 16 - September 18, 2020


    1. [Schuiki21c   ] Presentation attack detection in finger and hand vein biometrics using video sequences Johannes Schuiki Master thesis, Department of Computer Sciences, University of Salzburg, Austria, October 2021