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Project Description

This is "The Multimedia Signal Processing and Security Lab", short WaveLab, website. We are a research group at the Computer Sciences Department of the University of Salzburg headed by Andreas Uhl. The short name "WaveLab" already indicates that wavelets are among our favorite tools - we have 15 years of experience in this area. Our research is focused on Multimedia Security including Watermarking, Image and Video Compression, Medical Image Classification, and Biometrics.

Biometric Capture Tool for Mobile Police Operations (BIOCAPTURE)


Project Description:

BIOCAPTURE (FFG KIRAS project) is a project on mobile biometric capturing and on-line identification using smartphones operated by Austrian police officers. The police, equipped with ~ 30,000 iPhones, should be provided with a novel tool for personal identification. The new smartphone-based software tools, incorporated into the police workflow, should allow to add biometric facial and fingerprint features from identifiable individuals without additional hardware and to the internal police query platform. The innovative innovations include: hygienic, contactless fingerprint and facial image recording, automatic quality analysis and best-shot selection of images from a live image, ICAO-compliant data format adjustments, secure transmission, initiation of search, presentation of results and involvement in the police workflow. The data retention of the test data is strictly subject to the GDPR. Before the start of development, an assessment of scenarios / use cases and an implementation into a requirements document with criteria takes place. The project is aiming for a real live test in operational use after the end of the project.

This project is led by Austrian Institute of Technology (AIT) and conducted in cooperation with the Austrian Ministry of Interior, secunet Security Networks, T3K-Forensics, Agentur für Europäische Integration und wirtschftliche Entwicklung and Swiss Customs.





  • Oct 2019 - Sep 2021


  1. [Kauba21a   ] Towards Using Police Officers' Business Smartphones for Contactless Fingerprint Acquisition and Enabling Fingerprint Comparison against Contact-Based Datasets Christof Kauba, Dominik Söllinger, Simon Kirchgasser, Axel Weissenfeld, Gustavo Fernández Domínguez, Bernhard Strobl, Andreas Uhl Sensors (Special Issue Biometric Sensing) 21:7, pp. 1-42, 2021